How do I make a bank deposit?

1. Individual Booster Clubs are to make deposits of their program’s funds into their individual Team’s Booster Account at:

Family First Federal Credit Union
2520 Browncroft Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14625
(or go to for Perinton and Webster locations)

2. Please make a note in the margin of the deposit slip as to what type of revenue is represented by the deposit (banquet, spirit wear, camp, fundraising event, etc.).  Mail a copy of the deposit slip to the Global Treasurer at

PO Box 25354
Rochester, NY 14625

or scan and email to

3. Give the white copy of the deposit slip to the bank teller along with any checks or cash you are depositing.

4. Retain the yellow copy of the deposit slip in your deposit slip book and staple the bank generated copy of the deposit slip you receive to that yellow copy to provide proof of your deposit, should any questions arise.

5. If any of the items on a deposit are returned for Insufficient Funds, your program account will be charged $20.  You will be informed of any checks that have not cleared within 1 week of the Treasurer receiving notice from the bank.

6. If you need additional deposit slips, please email  The cost for additional books is $25 and will be charged to your program account.  It takes 2 to 3 weeks to process the request.

If you have any questions, please email

How do I request a check?

1. Each program must submit an “Authorized Signature Form” to the Global Booster Treasurer.  Generally, each program has their Global Representative, Team Treasurer, Coach or other responsible party as the signer for their program.  Only those individuals with signatures on file are authorized to sign a Check Request form.

2. A completed Check Request form should be submitted to the Global Booster Treasurer.  These can be submitted by mail or email to the Treasurer (  Check requests under $150 require one signature; check requests over $150 require two signatures.

3. Check Requests MUST be accompanied by the supporting documentation (receipts, contracts, order forms, etc.) for the request.  Checks will not be written without this.

4. Check requests will be processed once a week.  All requests received by Monday will be processed and checks placed in the mail or available for pickup by Thursday.

5. If you have an urgent request, please contact the Treasurer and discuss what alternative arrangements can be made.