Meet the club.

B9317346868Z.1_20150518214210_000_GPJAR1ADS.1-0The Penfield Patriots Sports Booster Club was founded in 2002 as a vehicle to bring together the individual Athletic Programs. This organization is where all the programs can discuss global sports needs and share information. We meet once a month, and ask that each program or team send a representative that will attend the meetings, participate actively in the club and take information back to their teams or programs.

We are completely funded through Global Membership dues, a Golf Tournament and a share of the Brick sales.

Please join us at our meetings or feel free to reach out and get in touch with anyone of the members listed below.


Position Name Email Address
Athletic Director Pete Shambo
President George Pancio
Vice President Cheryl Farnham
Treasurer Chandra Petre
Assistant Treasurer Missy Senall
Co-Secretary Laura Bourcy
Co-Secretary Tracy Edmunds
Webmaster Matt Romeika
Team Representatives
F A L L Cheerleading Linda Jacobsen
Cross Country Michelle Hays
Cross Country Jen Sauter
Field Hockey Seneca Hollenbeck
Football Laura Payne-Bourcy
Football Mark Condon
Golf – Girls Tom Ebert
Gymnastics Sonia Leatt
Soccer – Boys Eric Vogt
Soccer – Boys
Soccer – Girls Diana Barlow
Swimming – Girls Gretchen Baumer
Tennis – Girls
Volleyball – Boys Donna Klembczyk
Volleyball – Girls Janet King
Volleyball – Girls Nancy Anton
WINTER Basketball – Boys Rob Wensley
Basketball – Boys Jim Piampiano
Basketball – Girls Marlene Nesselbush
Ice Hockey MaryBeth Ebersol
Ski – Nordic Taryn Reilly
Swimming – Boys Heather Nenadic
Swimming – Boys
Track – Indoor Missy Senall
Wrestling Dan Moore
SPRING Baseball Patty Zehr
Golf – Boys
Lacrosse – Boys Jason Stoler
Lacrosse – Girls Danielle Akins
Lacrosse – Girls
Softball Rob Atzel
Softball Jim Saylor
Tennis – Boys Jennifer Allen
Track – Outdoor Barb Frank
Track – Outdoor Cheryl Farnham